Sunday, September 28, 2014

Morning Coffee

A day off from work means a rare opportunity for a weekday coffee date. 

Last Wednesday, Bob and I headed to one of our favorite spots in town - Pistacia Vera - for warm drinks and some sweet treats. If you've been wondering who the mastermind is behind my photos so far - it's Bob! We've been having fun playing around with his DSLR camera and waiting patiently for the perfect light. 

The shirt I'm wearing is one that I've reserved for days where I know I won't be coming in to contact with any art supplies. It was one of my miraculous Ebay snags.

Back in 2012, I had been coveting a peter pan collar shirt for quite some time, but it was hard for me to find one that wasn't sold out and/or also in my budget. (I generally try not to spend more than $35-40 on tops). The lower-priced option from J Crew Factory was completely sold out, but my patience was rewarded when a similar style from J Crew popped up on Ebay in my size. Thanks to the "Buy It Now" option, this subtle and classic top was all mine! 

Top // J Crew via Ebay (Holiday 2012)
Jeans // Banana Republic Factory Store (Fall 2013)
Shoes // Coach & Four, from SteinMart
Earrings // DandyTree on Etsy
Glasses // Ted Baker, from Rinkov Eyecare
Purse // Schuler & Sons, purchased at Anthropologie (2012)

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