Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Outfit Inspiration: Maria

I have sort of a love/hate relationship with musicals, but I have to say - one that's stuck with me through the years is the West Side Story. How can you hate any production with dancing gang members?! A cool added bonus - my maternal grandmother's cousin, actor Simon Oakland, played Schrank in the film. 
 West Side Story film stills - 1961

One of my favorite parts of the musical (especially the movie) are the costumes and I've always love the chic simplicity of Maria's white dress. 

I must admit that as an art teacher and an artist, wearing the color white terrifies me, as the prospect of sitting in paint, polymer clay or a variety of other art supplies and/or being hugged by a child with dirty hands is pretty much imminent. 

Thankfully, this white dress is only for special occasions where there will be no richly-colored foods or art supplies. 

And yes, I am wearing white after Labor Day. 

Dress // Banana Republic Mad Men collection (Spring 2012)
Belt // vintage, from my maternal grandmother
Purse // Schuler & Sons, purchased at Anthropologie (2012)
Shoes // Bandolino, purchased at Marshalls (Spring 2011)

Since by blog is focused on affordable style, I should note that I only paid full price for one item I'm wearing, the handmade glass earrings from the ever-so-talented Kristin Perkins. I don't mind paying a little extra (or splurging, even!) on a quality handmade item, especially if it's made by someone I know. 

I will be featuring many handmade items on my blog in the future - including my own! Stay tuned and please share. 

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  1. Sometimes my favorite part of musicals are the costumes. I like how your dress picks up on the inspiration but it isn't a total costume.


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